Water-Efficient Water Closets - Gravity Flush

Vendor: SSI/Caroma


The use of dual flush toilets is a simple way to save a lot of water. Caroma invented the dual flush technology and has consistently lead the market in reducing water usage. Currently, Caroma offers the only dual flush toilet that averages 0.8 GPF. Furthermore, due to is wash-down flush technology and low-maintenance parts, Caroma is quickly becoming the nation's leading water conserving fixture company.

Wahaso water savings


Water is a dwindling natural resource that is gaining increasing importance throughout the world due to drought and other scarcity concerns. The standard flow rate for water closets set by the EPA in 1992 is 1.6 GPF. Caroma toilets use as little as half as much water averaging as low as 0.8 GPF. In big buildings this can mean 100,000s or even millions of gallons of water saved per year.

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Financial Savings

In many scenarios a Caroma retrofit can result in an ROI under 2 years. This depends on local water costs, existing fixture flow rates and labor costs. In NYC, for example, water costs $10/1,000 gallons and many buildings still use older 3.5 GPF toilets. Ask us today for a free water audit and savings analysis to determine how much money you can save for your existing building or new construction project.

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Due to its patented wash-down technology and 4-inch internal trapway Caroma water closets are virtually clog free. This means that plungers are a thing of the past. By eliminating double flushes Caroma helps save more water while keeping building owners and their tenants maintenance free. Furthermore, Caroma's internal parts are simple and use none of the outdated technology such as flappers and chains inside the tank.