Lumos Solar - Frameless Solar Shading Panels

Vendor: Lumos Solar
Lumos Solar - Stairwell daylighting installation


Lumos Solar is the first company to bring true architectural integration to solar design. With panels as thin as a pencil whose through-hole bolting system eliminates the clunky racking previously associated with solar, true building integrated solar is now a reality.

Lumos wall installation at Fed Ex


Not only does Lumos Solar use the industry standard in monocrystalline solar cells, their transparent panel option brings daylighting into the solar arena. Also, by completely replacing roof structures in many applications, Lumos reduces material waste while improving aesthetics.

AMTC financial savings calculation

Financial Savings

Lumos generates comparable solar output with other leading brands. The key economic advantage that Lumos Solar offers is the ability to replace the cost of a roof structure below the panel. This replacement allows the entire substructure to be considered a solar device when applying the 30% tax credit. Lastly, Lumos' frameless panels maintain efficiency by eliminating the nooks and crannies where dust can collect and impede energy generation.



LEED v2009

EAc2: On Site Renewable Energy

IEQc8.1: Daylight and Views

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