Our Process

We Want to Help

PuraTerra recognizes and embraces the fact that you, our clients, are critical stakeholders in the growth and preservation of quality in the sustainable construction industry. It is essential, in our view, that you have the proper knowledge and optimal exposure to products for specifying and managing sustainable buildings.

Product Curating

PuraTerra is particularly qualified in the areas of greatest concern to specifiers: Budget, Durability, Longevity, and Design Effectiveness and Carbon Foorprint. We also specialize in bringing excellent, commercial scale “pioneering lines” to the market to increase exposure for what we deem are the best, though maybe not best known, sustainable technologies available on the market.

Technical Expertise

PuraTerra is not just a “rep firm” when it comes to technical capabilities. We often act as technical support experts to our specifiers on sustainable technologies due to our broad understanding of sustainable construction (our team members all hold certifications and advanced degrees in the industry).

We do extensive research into the technical capabilities of the products we represent, curating every one to save substantial time and cost to our clients. We stand behind our research of each product’s technical and sustainable abilities.

Customer Support

In choosing the products we represent, our focus is on ensuring that our clients will receive the best possible options for their designs. We look beyond the initial cost and cosiderations of Designers to assess the needs and expectations of installers, owners and end users. We also evaluate the potential of each product in terms of how it will help distinguish our clients’ projects from competition.

We act as a value-added consultant to our clients during each critical phase of the project, and we ensure our complete support through to construction and beyond. We are there through the entire process.