About Us - Principals

Morgan Parell, President

Morgan combines her communications and management skills with her knowledge of sustainable design and materials. Morgan developed her sales and marketing experience at Century 21 Commercial Properties, Four Seasons Worldwide Sales and at The White House in Washington, DC. Mrs. Parell contributes her business tenacity and creative thinking to bring powerful solutions to each stage of green building projects.

She has a passion for sustainable design techniques and materials, holding a Masters in Sustainable Design as well as other certifications within the industry. This passion drew her into the exploration of how to bring sustainability more readily into the hands of end users within the A&D community. Mrs. Parell co-founded PuraTerra in 2007 to enhance the communication between architects, builders and manufacturers in order to reduce carbon footprint in building operations and construction. Her mission is to help streamline this process by bridging the gap between designers, builders and manufacturers to help each accomplish their goals with functional, sustainable, economical and creative results.  

Alex Argento, Vice President

Mr. Argento comes from an engineering and marketing background.  He formerly worked in the development and commercialization of solar HVAC technologies, combined heat and power, CO2 scrubbing and solar desalination. Having worked on both the technical and marketing sides of sustainable technologies he understands the importance of quality in both the products as well as in how their benefit is conveyed.

In 2007 Mr. Argento co-founded PuraTerra with the mission of bringing early stage and pioneering technologies to market. Alex’s focus is to provide key decision makers in the construction industry with quality sustainable technologies while helping manufacturers expand their markets, capture more clients and increase their revenues. Alex attended Washington University in St. Louis for his undergraduate degree.