Water Efficient Sensor Fixtures - No Solenoids

Vendor: Advanced Modern Technologies Corporation
Sensor Faucet - No Solenoids


AMTC is a technology company that holds patents for and manufacturers low maintenance water-efficient washroom products. By eliminating solenoids in flushometer and sensor faucet products they have removed the "Achilles Heel" of these types of public washroom products.

AMTC Gear Drive - No solenoids


Through the use of 1.1/1.6 GPF dual flush flushometers, .125 GPF urinals and0.35 GPM faucets AMTC can significantly contribute to water reduction. Also, by virtually eliminating the typical maintenance associated with these types of products AMTC reduces material waste. All AMTC brass is lead free brass as per the changing national code.

AMTC financial savings calculation

Financial Savings

By reducing water in water closets and both water and energy usage in faucets AMTC can help reduce operating costs for facility owners. A simple water and maintenance savings calculation can quickly show the ROI for implementing AMTC products.



LEED v2009

WEc2: Innovative Wastewater Technologies

WEc3: Water Use Reduction

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