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Vendor: Seisco International


Water heating is a costly process that is inherently inefficient due to the need to store it and/or send it long distances through piping. By utilizing tankless electric water heating buildings can save energy and reduce their peak load charges

Seisco Supercharger


By eliminating standby-losses in tanks and getting rid of long piping runs that waste energy tankless electric systems can save real energy. Beyond this, Seisco's unique modulating technology ensures that only enough energy is output to achieve a desired setpoint, nothing more. Additionally, by using a micro-storage in each unit, Seisco saves hot water between uses so that the water is pre-heated during normal daily use

Financial savings with tankless water heaters

Financial Savings

Through Seisco's modulating technology owners can enjoy reduced peak charges in a vareity of building applications. Furthermore, by heating pre-heated water from the unit's storage chamber less overall kW is needed to heat water.



LEED v2009

EAc1: Optimize Energy Performance


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