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Strandwoven timber - Sustainable Flooring


Flooring is in every building though it is typically not made from the most sustainable materials. Sustainable Flooring sources a variety of hardwoods and corks that are rapidly renwable, composed of recycled content and emit low quantities of VOCs. Furthermore, they are competitively priced options that can work in retail, hospitality, commercial and residential options.

Versacork - Cork tile mosaic


By using recycled and rapidly renewable raw materials in their woods Sustainable Flooring offers some of the most sustainable hardwoods and cork products on the market. All of the adhesives and finishes used are low-VOC compliant.

Ceramicork - cork with ceramic finish

Financial Savings

Sustainable Flooring offers flooring options in a variety of price ranges. The strandwoven bamboo, for example, is competitive with virtually any hardwood in residential applications. Additionally, since it is 3 times harder than oak it lasts much longer requiring less maintenance over time.



LEED v2009

MRc4: Recycled Content

MRc6: Rapidly Renewable Materials

IEQc4.3: Low-Emitting Flooring Materials

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Strandwoven Timber

Strandwoven Bamboo